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Askhugo Features

A pricing model that scales

Pay less when you are hiring less. This helps you keeps the talent acquisition costs in check. Your TA systems costs godes down, the one area that you were never able to do anything.

AI Powered Resume Matching

The first step in reducing your time to offer is reducing the recruiter screening time. Our AI does the best job for your recruiter providing you with a very accurate measure.

Gender Decoder

If you job descriptions are biased then your efforts to build a diverse workforce goes for a toss.  Use our gender decoder to remove any unconscious bias from your job descriptions.

AI Powered Job Ad Generator

Job ads are literally the first touch point you have with you candidates.  Generate awesome job ads with our AI powered job ad generator. Tweak the tone, length, make it gender neutral and even add an EEO statement.


The software world runs on integrations. You tell us which system you want us to integrate with and we will do that for you.

Customer Care

You will always have a friend in our team who is dedicated to your success with the platform. Hand holding you and guiding you to achieve the values you desire, faster is our responsibility

Usage based pricing saves your from burning cash on your ATS?


Scale up or down based on your hiring demand. Usage based pricing model gives you this flexibility

Reduce Cost

When you are paying for vacancies and not users, you are able to control TA costs better

Focus on Value

Focus on gaining value out of the ATS - closing roles, than worrying about increasing user counts

Increase Adoption

You don't have to worry about giving access to you hiring teams due to user based pricing. 

When you are not hiring why are you paying subscriptions for

your ATS?

Ditch hefty subscriptions and hidden fees. Attract top talent only when you need it, with Askhugo's usage-based pricing.


Stop buring cash on your ATS



What is usage based pricing?

Usage based pricing is pay as you use service. Askhugo provides you a pricing model where you can buy vacancies. When you are hiring more you can buy more vacancies and reduce it when you are not hiring

What is the minimum number of vacancies I can buy?

You can buy as low as just 1 vacancy. You can buy as many as you want. The price of the vacany will vary depending on the number of vacancies you buy. 

What are the advantages of usage based pricing?

Markets are too dynamic these days which means your hiring volumes fluctuates. There are seasons when you hire more and there are winters. A usage based pricing model helps you have better control over your talent acquisition budget. 

How long are these vacancies valid for?

These vacancies are valid for one year from the date of purchase. But don't worry, we will work with you if you have too many vacancies pending after the expiry date. You just have to call us.

How many vacancies can I buy?

You can buy as low as just 1 vacancy for buy as many as you want. The price per vacancy will change basis the volumes you want to buy. Please write to us to know more details,

What will happen if I stop buying vacancies?

If you chose to stop buying vacancies for any reason you can continue to use the platform without the features available in the paid version. You will not be able to create additional vacancies but continue to use candidates in your database. 

Why should I choose usage-based pricing?

Pay only for what you use. Increased flexibility and scalability. Improved budget predictability are some of the reasons why you should chose usage based pricing over user based pricing.

How can you transition to a usage-based pricing model?

Analyze current usage. Choose the right pricing structure. Connect with us and we will guide you through

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