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Stay ahead of competition - Reduce your time to offer

Reduce your time to offer by 15% and there by your offer drop rates. Fills your roles faster than your competition. Askhugo you enables recruiters with the ability to screen resumes faster and reduce time to offer acceptance

Screen resumes in a single click

AskHugo's smart score displays a matching score for each resume based on an AI algorithm. This enables you to chose and prioritise the top candidates instead of working through a pile

  • Screen hundreds of resumes effortlessly

  • Disposition candidates immediately for a better candidate experience

AI driven resume matching in Askhugo

Your internal database

Askhugo provides you with the ability search for candidates who you already have a relationship with. 

  • Search using boolean strings 

  • Filter candidates based on multiple factors

  • Tag candidates to requisitions you have currently open 

Internal talent pool search in Askhugo

Measure and stay on track

Askhugo provides you with a neat dashboard that helps you measure all critical metrices that you need to be top of, from Aging details to diversity stats. 

  • View all important TA metrices in a single view

  • View reports based on multiple filters

  • Download data charts

Reporting in Askhugo
Roll out offers crafted to attract your talent, digitally

AskHugo provides you with the ability to roll out offers that help provide comprehensive details on the offer package that tend to get missed out at times. 

  • Send out digital offer letters seamlessly to create a wow experience to your candidates

  • Great visual respresentation for all benefits

Manage your agency partners with ease

Manage all you agency partners in 

  • Download data dumps

  • View reports based on multiple filters

  • Download data charts

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