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Run fullcycle recruiting
Focus on productive work


Automate your emails

Writing emails consumes a lot of time and had a direct impact your brand. By automating emails you ensure you save your productive time and also are aligned with your brand guidelines


Interactive Dashboard

Get realtime interactive reports helps you understand where your and your team are headed. Save time by downloading charts which helps your save time on presentations. 


Multi device job ad preview

See how your job ads are across different devices. Ensure you deliver consistent experience to candidates who view your job ad from different devices. 

AskHugo's pricing model

Hiring for gender diversity isn't easy. While you put in all your effort to find a diverse workforce, what you don't realize is that your job descriptions and job ads are unconsciously written to attract non-diverse candidate. 

With AskHugo's gender decoder, ensure your job descriptions and job ads are gender neutral so you are able attract the right talent. 

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An ATS that helps your diversity

AskHugo enables you to run end-to-end. From sourcing to onboarding. The ATS provides you with a lot of flexibility to source, screen, interview, offer and manage your pre-boarding processes

All this while keeping your costs very low

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