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Gender Decoder in Askhugo

Gender Decoder

Askhugo's gender decoder feature helps you remove any unconscious bias from your job descriptions. Ensure you have a gender neutral job description to be able to attract the right diversity talent you need. 

Your job ads too can be removed of any unconscious bias. Our Gen AI tech helps you write awesome job ads that are gender neutral

  • Remove any gender bias from your job description

  • Increase the number of applicants at the top of the funnel

Reach diversity talent faster

When you have a talent pool of diverse candidates with whom you already have built a relationship with, why not use it. 

  • Use our filters to connect with your internal diverse pool faster

  • Tag them to any requisition and move them forward

Resume filter in Askhugo internal talent pool

Building diversity in your workforce

It is now a proven fact that having a diverse workforce leads to better productivity. However hiring a diverse workforce is easier said than done. 

Let's look at some of the features Askhugo provides you that enable you to hire the right mix of talent you need.

Diversity hiringin Askhugo Hero section
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