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Write Awesome Job Ads

A well written job ad is half the job done well to hiring top talent. Given the candidates view your jobs across devices ensuring an optimised job ad is importing. Our cutting edge Gen AI enables you to do that. 

  • Write your job ad in a formal or a casual or in an exciting tone

  • Make is long, short or medium to optimise to devices

  • Make your ad gender neutral and even add an EEO statement




63% of candidate are dissatisfied with the communication from the employer during the recruiting journey. Askhugo enables you to stay in touch with your candidates in across touchpoints and Moments that Matter

Acknowledge Instantly

Respond to the new gen candidates at light speed.  With well defined templates ensure your candidates are kept informed at every touch point. ​

  • Accept/Reject applicants

  • Gather feedback​

Device-Optimised Job Ads

Candidates view your job ads from different devices. If your ad runs a mile on a mobile screen, you might lose out on applications. Optimise your job ads for multiple devices so you are able to deliver consistent experience to candidates viewing your ads.

  • Preview your job ads

  • Optimise your for all devices

Roll out offer letter faster

Meet and exceed your tech savvy millenial and genZs expectations through digital offer letters and impress with seamless digital experience

  • Craft well structured offer letters

  • Communicate your overall package 

Engage, Gauge & Onboard

Make your candidates feel inclusive and narrow the gap between you and them through engaging pre-boarding content

  • Content ideas till Day 0

  • Customize, personalise and share

  • Use photos and videos to enrich your conversation

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